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Chapters 11-12 are larger and hopefully the rest will be too. THINK YOURS ARE BETTER, THEN WRITE THEM, DON'T TELL ME HOW TO WRITE THEM. YOU DON'T LIKE THE STORY, THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE. Harry is smarter and stays in the leaky cauldron on the first night in the wizard world.

I know this is not much of a summary but to much can spoil the tale. Harry Potter and his friends survived their trial by fire and defeated Voldemort. After an accident during a potions lesson, Harry Potter and Daphne Greengrass are forced to work together during a detention. A few years before the fall of the Colonies a plan was put in motion in case the Cylons returned and destroyed everything; in order to ensure the survival of humanity. AU Hogwarts years, stars Hedwig, Harry, Hermione, Remus, Sirius, Neville, Padma, Terry, Susan, Hannah, Ron and Blaise. Finally cracking when his name comes from the Goblet, he runs to the States to an old friend. Or will the Wizarding World demand their saviour back to save them? Harry Potter was abandoned at a early age, but was found and given to a local street gang, how will Dumbledore and co.A year has passed and Hermione Granger is apprenticed as a Curse Breaker. One thing leads to another, and a sordid romance is born. Operation Exodus starts a year and a half before the fall of the twelve colonies... This simple encounter will set him on a different path including new friends and new ambitions. T for now unless otherwise."I'm still alive, as you may surmise from this note. Will he fall victim to Dumbles' manipulations or will the new darkness festering inside him help him with new challenges. react to a fully independant Potter, uncooperative Potter, a drug taking, hard rock playing, Muggle Minded Potter?If you dont like the story, dont send me a note saying overdone and BS until you read the whole story. My books can be found at or at your local Barnes and Noble or at which is my own site.Reading one chapter and not the rest makes you look like an idiot. Dreadnought Tempest: The Dreadnought Tempest is an old ship from the first Cylon war.Once back at the inn, he finds out some things and takes it to Ragnok who gives him the heir's ring to the house of potter. Also don't write me and ASSUME you know whats happening in the story because you don't know.

The ring has magical powers that will be explained over the series. Everyone thinks the know what the ring is doing, but only i do until you get to chapter 8 where you get a small clue about some of its powers.

Harry and Company begin their sixth year at Hogwarts.

Voldemort is now fully out in the open and nothing is as it appears. It's hard enough being a teenager; add nefarious plots, the Dark Lord, and house rivalries into the mix.

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What if this person was forced to stay away yet kept watch and planned to get custody somehow? A boy burdened with a destiny that will shake the very foundation of magic.