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The bride and groom exchange wedding crowns three times and then walk around the altar three times, which symbolizes their first steps as a married couple.

On the wedding day, the bride and groom are separated until the actual marriage ceremony.The bride's friends and family help her dress, while the groom's friends and family do the same for him.In Greek Orthodox families, baptism is very important and occurs in the first year of a child's life.The naked baby is wrapped in a white towel and is immersed three times in blessed water.While getting dressed, everyone celebrates the occasion with drinking and music.

Many families actually have live musicians that then follow the bride and groom to the church.He receives his first sacrament from the priest, and then is dressed in white clothing.The priest then places a gold cross necklace on the baby and gives him his first Holy Communion.In Greek families, it is customary for male suitors to ask their girlfriends' fathers for permission to marry their daughters.After the father has given his blessing, the engagement process can begin.In rural areas, such as the Greek islands, brides have dowries.