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If a man doesn't have enough nerve function to enable erection, the amount of blood in the penis won't matter; no nerve function means no erection.

Nerve-sparing surgery, by contrast, allows a man to retain nerve function, so erection drugs can help.

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Just don't expect miracles: At best, nerve-sparing surgery leaves men with erections not quite as firm as they were before surgery.In addition, nerve-sparing surgery may not be possible if the tumor is located near a nerve line.Yes, it's an adjustment to have a flaccid penis stimulated to orgasm.But in an erotic context with sufficient stimulation by hand, mouth or vibrator, it's entirely possible.A recent Canadian study shows that sex therapy helps couples resume sex after prostate-cancer treatment.

The 77 couples who participated in the study enjoyed "significant gains in sexual function." To find a sex therapist near you, visit the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists; the Society for Sex Therapy and Research; or the American Board of Sexology.

How can a relationship progress, experience commitment and intimacy, plus have balance and consistency if someone is pleading off with the modern day equivalent of “Oh sorry, not tonight love, I’ve got a headache”? Whatever they’re busy at is a crutch and it’s one that they cling on to that prevents them from getting ‘too’ intimate and ‘too’ committed ensuring that they don’t have ‘too many’ responsibilities. I wouldn’t go thinking that your inadequacies are what are causing them to fill up their schedule.

– So they’re so busy that they couldn’t find two minutes in their day to pick up the phone? It’s not about them making time for the ‘right’ person; it’s about them not only being available but also having the decency and a reined in enough ego to not actually think that it’s acceptable to treat someone in this manner.

They’re just not that special but on top of this, they just don’t know how to come correct and say “You know what?

I’m not truly available for the type of relationship you want or deserve.” Instead, they hang around enjoying the fringe benefits of a relationship on their terms and their schedule.

Assuming annual checkups, prostate cancer is likely to be diagnosed early, before it has spread outside the gland. Anderson Cancer Center reviewed outcomes for 2,991 consecutive men, they found that 1,034 had radical prostatectomy, 785 had external beam radiation and 950 had seed implantation (222 had a combination of external beam and seed).