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It’s an age-old dilemma: are your friends on or off limits for dating?

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The reason I want to get serious with a particular girl is because I can see myself only dating her, instead of everyone else.

The process of going from casual dating to an actual relationship can take awhile.

But on the other, some of the best relationships come out of two people who were friends first.

If you and a friend have discovered you have feelings for each other, here’s how to make the transition while protecting both your friendship and each other. Going from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend is a big transition.

No one completely knows a relationship except for the two people in it.

And any relationship decisions you’re going to make should be coming from you and your new significant other, not the influence of your friends.

The whole trust thing is the hardest part in my opinion, and once you're both good there, the rest is amazing!

" -Kodi, 17 "I want to get serious with a girl when there is a feeling that goes beyond physical attraction — a constant desire to simply be next to her.

Fourth is her family, the vibe, and imagining myself blending in with them.

Last, but not least, I need some time to find out if it feels right, maybe even a few months.

Don’t play games, be overly sensitive to each other’s feelings, and be open and honest with each other. And it’s likely that most of your friends will have some sort of opinion about the relationship.