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This pipe restoration was a bit of a challenge, though not for the reason you might think.

The refurb work was actually very straightforward and went smoothly but for one bump in the road.

These faults, I am confident, make the pipe a smart choice for the fledgling piper, as it will quickly teach you how to avoid charring your bowl, and how sour concentrated “pipe spit” tastes. Upon taking delivery, the condition of my first pipe was good-to-fair. The rim is darkened from years of enjoyment, and there are several dings around the rim and greater stummel. ), and so I ran to everyone’s favorite history book: the Internet.

Be sure to check out my Ennerdale tobacco review if you’re interested in hearing the latest saga in this old pipe’s history.For more information about GBD’s and dating them, refer to the Pipedia entry. Also, the missing parts of the name stamp seemed to call for more letters than “Peterson” afforded. So I turned from the brand to the shape number, hoping that this line of enquiry would pay off. 8641 is a GBD shape number, indicating a straight Dublin with a round stem, exactly the shape of the pipe in my hands.I’m not sure of the significance of the “/80” after the shape number on my pipe. A bit more digging into GBD sub-brands yielded this nugget of information about “Peter Piperpipes from “The Peter Piper trademark was first applied to a pipe in 1925, and granted on June 1, 1926 to Cadogan France Limited, whose offices were in London. Maybe I just associate the English with high quality luxury items (Rolls Royce, Bentley, Burberry)?

I think maybe there is an association I’ve developed between the country of England, and the act of pipe smoking. Or just the stereotypical image of a tweed-jacketed old Englishman reading and smoking a pipe in his cozy study?

The interesting part of this story came from reading the stampings, or what was left of them. The left shank was stamped “Made in England” over “8641/80”.

I originally wondered if I had stumbled upon an English-made Peterson pipe, but my research turned up nothing.

The challenge here rested in deciphering the brand information and tracking down the maker. I received it in decent estate condition, all things considered.

There was a bit of lava buildup and the rim was also victim to some other rim abuse in the form of knocking dents around approximately one-third of the bowl.

Named after its founders, Ganneval, Bondier & Donninger (two Frenchmen and an Austrian, respectively), their initial offerings concerned only Meerschaum pipes.