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Bruce is a contractor who has spent 30 years in the construction industry and says he sees potential in The Landmark property.He can envision adding on to the building and creating an even bigger outdoor dining space with palm trees.So its landlord and Ginza’s owner wanted a fresh start.

And he’s considering turning The Landmark’s large back dining room into a dance club with top 40 music, especially on weekends when big events like the Zombie Crawl happen.Overall, he draws a lot of parallels between the Tower District and the similar midtown neighborhood in Sacramento, which has had a lot of development in recent years. “I think there’s a ton of potential there,” he says.“We just named it ladies night to impress them,” he says.) The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. That question comes about because Bruce owns The Depot, a “gay bar that’s very friendly to straight people,” and neighboring Badlands nightclub in midtown Sacramento.He’s also opening a Hamburger Mary’s there, and owns gay bar and night club Splash in San Jose.A few new giant booths can seat eight to 10 people. Instead, it’s a blend of Thai, Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Modern metal spheres of art hang over tables like chandeliers. A Manhattan chef, Kevin Yang, will man the hibachi grill and oversee the menu.If this sounds familiar, it’s because Pasadena-based Blaze is part of the personal pizza invasion of Fresno that’s happened in the last few years with competitors like Blast 825 Pizza (whose corporate headquarters are here in Fresno) and Pieology.Blaze employees shout out a welcome as customers come in the door, use your name as they pass your pizza down the line and are quick to dish out compliments. The traditional ice cream shop will also make custom ice cream cakes, milkshakes, floats and other frozen drinks.The restaurant, at 7845 Palm Ave., is part Japanese grill, part sushi bar and part upscale Asian restaurant.And it looks totally different than its predecessor.Blaze opened another restaurant in Tulare and is planning more – at least two more in Fresno and three in Clovis, says manager Carlos Mejia.