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You do not need to connect your Ring device to a computer during setup or operation.

Do I have to charge my internal battery prior to setting up and installing my Ring doorbell? Although it is recommended that you charge your battery to 100%, most Ring devices with batteries arrive with a battery charge ranging from 50 to 70%. Can I mount a Ring device to other surfaces, such as glass?

Why do I need to connect my Ring device to my personal Wi-Fi network? Yes, for certain devices such as a Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Among other functions, your Ring device uses your Wi-Fi network to send live HD video and audio to the Ring app on your smart device. Most Ring devices, though, will need to be mounted on a sturdy surface such as wood, stucco, brick, or concrete, What doorbell transformers are compatible with a Ring doorbell?

Click here for an article on connecting the Ring Video Doorbell 2 ro a transformer without a doorbell kit.

What is a Ring Chime Pro and how will it improve my Wireless internet connection to my Ring device?

Will I be notified when the battery in my Ring device is running low? You will receive email reminders when your battery runs low.

The Ring app also features a low-battery warning, as well as a battery level indicator that you can check at any time. All Ring devices will operate without an additional fee or subscription.

Put simply, with Ring products, you're always home. Ring Video Doorbells come in a range of sizes ranging from the slightly larger original Ring Video Doorbell (which contains its own battery) to the sleek Elite (which is wired to an existing power supply).

The following chart lists the dimensions of our product line: Does a Ring device require power wires to work? Certain models of Ring Video Doorbells and mounted cameras come with internal batteries that will last six to twelve months with normal use before needing to be recharged.

As an added bonus, having a Ring Protect Plus plan subscription also entitles you to a 10% discount on future Ring Purchases.

Click here for more information on Ring Protect Plus Plan.

All Ring products, however, come with equipment designed to hook the device up to your home's existing wiring.