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It is truly on all levels a 6 star rating in my book, and I have been round the globe 3 times.

Do the Colombo City Walk on a Sunday in order to soak up the ambience of a Sri Lankan Weekend.

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Your mobile phone will connect to one of the local phone providers such as Dialog or Mobitel though you should be aware that phoning the UK this way can be expensive.

If you are staying in Sri Lanka for longer periods, it would be better to consider purchasing a Sri Lankan SIM card.

Socks may also be a good idea for walking round places such as Polonnaruwa – the ground can be extremely hot for bare feet. Adaptors are available at Hotel Reception or in local shops such as Arpico. An international driving licence is required - obtainable from some main Post Offices in the UK.

Banks in towns are generally open 9am to 3pm Mon-Fri.

It has a north-east monsoon from late October to January which is mainly effective in the north of Sri Lanka and the east and south-west monsoon from May to late June which is very wet and most of the country receives lot of rain. Changing Traveller’s Cheques can be a time-consuming process in a Bank, however, most Hotels will change these but the rate may not be such a good one.

The average temperature in Colombo is 27 degrees C (80 degrees F) with high levels of humidity. ATMs accepting Visa and Mastercard are widely available in cities and towns.

Do please take a memory card of sufficient size as you will find you will take so many photographs. All Poya Days are national holidays and no alcohol is served. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance for the activities that you are doing on your Tour such as white rafting, elephant rides, game drive etc.

It would also be a good idea to bring some small binoculars to view the wildlife in the National Parks as with all wild animals, you will only be able to view them from a distance. You are allowed to bring in 1.5 litres of wines and spirits per person. All travellers booking with us need to notify us of their insurance arrangements prior to travelling.

A typical lunch will cost you about 900 rupees (about £5.00). We Itgenerally spend only 1 or 2 nights in the Nuwara Eliya area (hill country) where it can be chilly at night - a pair of trousers and a sweater/fleece are recommended here. View more information about our Tailor Made Sri Lanka Tour. Most international credit cards are accepted at major establishments including almost all major hotels. Sinhala is the official language; Tamil is spoken by 18% of the population. Small 3 pin round plugs are used as well as 2 pin plugs.

A typical dinner will cost you about 1300 rupees, depending on the hotel (about £7.00) A cocktail will cost about 500 rupees (about £2.75) (exchange rates of approx 185 rupees= £1). Shoulders and knees must be covered to enter temples. English is used as a second language but you will find that the locals are keen to try out their English on you. A European 2 pin Adaptor can be used in the bottom 2 holes of the socket.

It must be remembered that, throughout the conflict, not one single tourist has been injured or killed.