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Overall her guidance helped me in the exam for I did not have to go through many books to get my basics and fundamentals of geography .

They just served as reference books and there is hardly any 1 book in geography that I read fully apart from NCERTS.

In the end your optional needs to be mastered by you if you want to tide over these bouncers and be in the top bracket in your optional.

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After the NCERTS and GC Leong , I went through her notes repeatedly and had them committed to memory .

I stuck to this one source and kept on adding information concepts from other sources like internet , test series , reference books etc .

However this does not mean that coaching is compulsory for success in the exam .

Many people take guidance from standard texts and ace the examination without coaching .

NS covers about 70% of the syllabus in her class notes .

Honestly this 70% formed the core of my geography preparation .

It was named Ganga Singh medal and well I got all the Ganga cleaning questions in the interview 😀 Don’t know if that was the link though !

)These perceptions about easy scoring , high scoring etc can change any year for instance the 2013 paper had certain bouncer questions .

Moreover I used to be a regular reader of Insights Secure Mains which covered newspapers like Business Standard , Live-Mint , NYT etc.

At times they take out very relevant articles for geography optional like recently livemint had an article series on water crisis of India which I found very useful . In my first attempt I was just reliant of coaching notes for I hardly had time apart from coaching between May 2013 when I passed out and December 2013 when I first appeared . This time around it increased to about 25-30 diagrams in total . I drew the diagram on the right side and left side was used for practice later .

I maintained a separate notebook for geography and had topics like IPCC , Flood control , HDI , Food Security etc as topics which were constantly updated .