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The gusty sou-easterlies on Opening Day was more than a challenge for most flingers of the fly and so spin fishing came into its own.

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Spin fishing is also both popular and successful above the control gates and the use of bingo, zed and veltic type spinners is recommended.Remember though that the winged spinners such as veltics need to be cast upstream and retrieved NOT down or down and across the current as they twist your monofilament very quickly.Jigging has been successful for some and the use of very small smelt patterns has been the best option.On Lake Rotoiti it seems that anything white has been, by far the most successful colour to use.There have been a few changes to the Eastern Region Fish and Game Regulations that anglers need to familiarise themselves with by reading through the appropriate section of the North Island fishing regulation guide.

Ignorance of the regulations has never been a valid excuse.Opening Day 2014 is over and anglers will be either celebrating or complaining such is human nature.Fish and Game Officers were out and about, mostly stationed at boat ramps, though some were out on the three lakes that open to trout fishing last Wednesday.Catch rates have slowed up from below the control gates over the past week, even the rain didn’t improve matters.The good news is that the area above the control gates is now open to fishing and there are some very good fish still spawning between the jetty and the control gate structure.Licences were be checked and a survey ran with information gathered from anglers as to how their time fishing had been.