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Further analysis of the picture later found a few other figures – can you find them?

Before ‘selfies’ were all the rage, Robert Cornelius set up a camera and took the world’s first self-portrait in the back of a business on Chestnut Street in Center City, Philadelphia.

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The first aerial photograph was not taken by drone, but instead by hot air balloon in 1860.This aerial photograph depicts the town of Boston from 2,000 feet.The first photograph of a human appeared above in a snapshot captured by Louis Daguerre.The exposure lasted around seven minutes and was aimed at capturing the Boulevard du Temple, a thoroughfare in Paris, France.The inventor of the SLR, Thomas Sutton, was the man who pressed the shutter button, but Maxwell is credited with the scientific process that made it possible.

For those having trouble identifying the image, it is a three-color bow.

The photo is a digital scan of a shot initially taken on film.

The picture depicts Russell Kirsch’s son and has a resolution of 176×176 – a square photograph worthy of any Instagram profile.

Due to the long exposure time, many individuals who walked the street where not in place long enough to make an impression.

However, in the lower left of the photograph we can see a man standing and getting his shoe’s polished.

Cornelius sat in front of the lens for a little over a minute, before leaving the seat and covering the lens.