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VIPs can set their rooms so that only their friends or other VIPs can enter their room.AP members can make their room accessible to only other AP holders.

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Log into IMVU's 3D Chat client and go to the Chat Rooms feature to start creating your own chat room.The "Manage" tab gives you access to creation and management of your rooms.Please renew your VIP membership to gain access to these rooms. You will be prompted to assign room moderators to your room during the room creation step.To assign one or moderators to an existing room that you own, simply click on "Edit" and add the room moderator's avatar name in the appropriate field. You must be the room's owner or a room moderator to boot someone from a room.It can be difficult to get the point across to your kids that online chatting can be a dangerous pastime, so here are five tips to help accomplish that task.

Our community members get to decorate and set up public chat rooms that the rest of the community can join and enjoy.Accounts set up after January 2014 do not have access to this section.Themed Rooms features a few select rooms that showcase variety of ways users can enjoy IMVU. If you would like your room to be listed in that section, you can submit it for IMVU's review.In the IMVU Client, right-click on the avatar or click on the "i" icon for the avatar you wish to boot.From the avatar card, click on the "Safety" link and choose the Boot option from the safety menu.Aside from the endless hours we spend on Gchat at work, online chatting is mostly a kid’s game.