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One way you can tell if you are a free user is to go to the Cog icon in the upper right and look at your Personal Storage. Using Pro Features as a Free User Speaking of Content Packs, Organization Content Packs are a Pro feature.

With the GA of the new service, I thought I needed to revisit licensing within Power BI.

Currently we have three licenses available for Power BI.

For my Power BI Pro user, where it didn’t indicate a Trial within the Power BI Site, it was actually using the Power BI Pro Trial from an Office 365 Subscription perspective.

If your phone number is eligible, and has not received a Free Trial before, the system will then offer you a free trial.

This license comes from having an actual Office 365 Subscription for Power BI Pro or a Trial of that subscription. The Organization side of it can effect the entire tenant and the users within it. Having this license treats you as a Pro user for the new service as it is a paid account (or Trial of the paid subscription).

This is different from the 60 Day Trial which is for an individual user basis and not tied to an Office 365 Subscription. From a feature perspective, they are treated the same, but how they are managed are different. This also allows you to certain items that were part of the old service that the Power BI Pro license will not let you into.Questions around Licensing continues to be a top question I get asked about.Whether it is about licensing directly, or about some feature issue and it boils down to licensing.From a subscription perspective, you will see Power BI within the Office 365 Admin Center if you have either paid for the Subscription or signed up for the trial of the subscription within Office 365.This is different from the 60 day Pro Trial User that we saw above. You can try out a month of Direc for FREE with a Free Trial of their streaming service!