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Hi, Frog, many, many THX, there are few good screaming actresses, that's essential regarding the poorly faked scenes (I recommend "Fenja" in Hexentitten, end of the DVD). Am I dumb or too quick, but I can't find the DVD to sell ? Those are some excellent caps supporting the written text. I don't hate it or dislike it (as per the current poll) -- it just doesn't do anything positive for me. () This first installment of Laura’s torment on the wooden horse (one of my favorite implements) starts in media res.But putting that aside, it's clear the film would have benefited from more of a setup at the beginning, rather than jumping right into the torture. We see Laura astride the horse covered only by her tattered garment her wrists tied behind her back.

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Her whole body is shaking now as he finally straightens her up again.A new round of torture begins with the use of the iron pokers.SLAVE ALYPIA CRUCIFIED AND TORTURED WITH FLAMING TORCHES FOR ARSON In 109 a. in the town of Sentinum (Italy) a young slave called Alypia was charged with arson.After a brief trial, she was judged guilty and condemned to die in the amphitheatrum.In my opinion, the peak point of the clip falls between -.

These are very intense minutes in which the interrogator devises another way to torment her tits by winding the end of the rope around her left breast.At first this was sort of a turn off, but then it became a plus as the interrogator torments her breasts at various points of the clip and they become curiously distorted.) Laura’s tormentor will proceed to abuse her using a variety of methods.These will alternatively be repeated throughout the clip.I did not mean to spark yet again the age-old debate of whether or not fur is arousing. We have now added an alternative, music driven, head chopping, finale in artistic Black & White.Yes, I'm well aware there are scads of fuzzy-fans out there, so no need for each of you to step into the pulpit and defend your religion. It looks like the same courtyard of a paingate film I've seen but I'm not sure, and I can't find it on their site so perhaps I'm off. Keeping on thread, CONFESS has a good amount of Bull Whipping and Flogging before the dynamic damsels' demented decollation.Depending on the picture, or video, and the area concentrated on. "Back in the day" the lack of pubic hair was the erotic flair. I suspect that the common removal of pubic hair was a result of models wearing wigs or dying their hair. That example of fine-looking womanhood I would consider 'in-between'.