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The streets are lined with quaint coffee shops, historical buildings and other delectable treats.

Outdoor markets are everywhere and this city is actually one of France’s most disabled-friendly cities as well.

Filled with collage students, this is a young, upbeat town that is dying to be explored.

Since the middle ages, this city has been known as the ultimate town for students, as it has a rich medical school background.

Hey my name is Kevin Atwood I’m a Congolese from DRC I’m a sweet man I like to spend my time mostly with someone I love I’m tall but not really taller I got a Afro hair actually black I’m not fat I’m slim And I hate Choreographer and political writer.

Work internationally with ballet companies and write for a progressive online journal.

Just think of how amazing it would be to dine with someone special at a restaurant that only the locals know about?

If you are someone who travels a lot, whether for business or for pleasure, it is only expected that you will want to get out there and experience everything that France is known for.

It is situated across the Rhine River (Germany is on the other side).

This produces an amazing mixture of French and German culture.

After all, what better place to fall in love, or at least go on some incredible dates, than a country that has a rich history, incredible art, and a unique culture?