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One user said he rarely used Grindr but that he had been contacted by a bot each time he had logged on in recent months.

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Along with sadomasochism, Bob pursued performance and video art (with his wife, Sheree Rose).He actually did some tests for a decomposition cam, but I guess he didn't pull it off.I suspect that See Me is a weird promotional gimmick dreamed up by someone selling porn.In other words, it's fake.(By the way, the idea of a decomposition cam isn't unique to For sure it's fake.ummm- hate to tell ya'll, but it is a fake site..image has been up there for several years now, and somehow she has never changed...hmmm- embalmers can be good, but not that good! It's a great subject, but is not real, wouldnt be possible anyway, cameras need a certain environment in which to function, including either cables connecting it to a power source/etc. controlled conditions- this is not possible in a closed grave- sorry folks...a waste of webspace.

I have also done my own research into this issue after hearing about it on QI.Plus, they have rather odd sponsors for a project of this kind... I suppose the logic is that once you get tired of watching the dead girl (they say it's a woman in the picture), you can head over and watch some live sexy girls.The site is registered to someone at 7985 Santa Monica Blvd. No suite number is given, so it's impossible to tell which business there registered it, but most of the stores in that area are in the 'adult entertainment' business.I first saw this about 5 yrs ago and i have to say the live ( no pun intended) pic looks EXACTLY the same now as it did then !Sorry to disappoint anyone but its clearly a hoax though the idea to me has merit ....Joey Skaggs included this concept in his Final cemetery hoax.