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The platform of the app works very similar to Tinder with a swipe to like or dislike functionality.

Self-described as the exclusive platform for people in creative industries, Raya was one of the first exclusive dating apps on the scene.

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As of June 7, more than 7,100 Houstonians have signed up to participate, only 20 to 30 percent of whom will eventually be accepted.

For recent launches in Chicago and Boston, the service accepted an initial 'class' of 2,000 users.

The news of the secretive and more exclusive spinoff of the wildly popular Tinder Select is now here.

Even though the existence of Private Tinder is no longer under wraps, there still isn’t a lot that is known about the app.

Here are some other exclusive dating apps: The League focuses on being an app for the ambitious business professional.

The application process for this app is more straight forward than others where you simply go on the website to apply.

Getting accepted into this app isn’t a certainty by any means; having now a waiting list of more than 100,000.

If accepted, there are requirements in order to stay in the app which include consistent activity.

What we don’t know is Tinder’s criteria for a person to receive an invite to join.

What seems to be a constant among those who receive an invitation is that they are a high profile individual and fairly attractive.

The requirement to join the app is that you must earn more than 0k.