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At midday when the sun stood highest, they probably had a rest.

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To this purpose both the day and the night were divided into twelve hours.A day and a night hour were not of equal duration; their length changed with the seasons, day-hours being longer in summer than in winter. The first attempts to use implements in the determination of the time of day were apparently made during the second millennium BCE.The Egyptian number system was decimal, seemingly with a word for every digit and for all the tens from 10 to 90.The hundreds from 200 to 900, the thousands, the ten thousands, the hundred thousands and the millions were counted like any other thing , leaving the finger sign for 10,000 as the largest numeral. In the later hieratic each of the groupings of ones, tens, hundreds etc.At night hour-priests were seemingly performing services in anticipation of the rising of the Sothis.

The appropriate time for beginning and ending them was decided upon by the hour-priest in his role of "observer of the hour", the jmj-wnw.t, based on the position of the sun and stars.

The tomb owner had 3209 goats of various kinds and 760 donkeys, the main beast of burden.

One of the recurring events organized by the administration were the cattle counts, held yearly or every other year.

Defrauding one's neighbour by using false measures was an offence against the divine order.

The forty-two declarations of innocence, generally referred to as Negative Confessions, included Counterfeiters and falsifiers of measures and weights, or forgers of seals, scribes who made false entries in the public books or deleted something from the register, as well as those who substituted documents, had both hands cut off. Their life was governed by the sun: They generally rose at break of day and went to bed after nightfall.

Some clocks had a number of marker sets for the different seasons as the length of these temporal hours changed.