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The couple were spotted hand-in-hand as they enjoyed a romantic stroll in Greenwich Village, New York, together.

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The album’s 75-minute running time leaves too many opportunities to miss the mark and posts too many obvious shots at airplay for its own good.The kid’s got real depth and uncanny pop smarts — the hook from “Gotdamn” will be stuck in my head all week — but he needs to stop hedging bets and padding the songs that express who he really is with cuts where he contorts into the rapper he thinks radio wants.Though G-Eazy is known for upbeat pop rap records like the platinum-selling sex-and-money anthem “No Limit,” he’s not quite compelling as a hitmaker yet.His radio songs borrow liberally from Drake, both in their scrappy, boorish low-register melodicism and their plodding, workmanlike flows. yeah” ad lib sounds so much like Aubrey it’s almost chilling.) does this four times in a row early on, across “Legend,” “No Limit,” “The Plan,” and “That’s a Lot.” Eazy almost gets away with it until the “That’s a Lot” tips its hand quoting the Toronto rapper’s “Pound Cake” while using all of his vocal tics.It’s dark.” The album will feature A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, Halsey, Kehlani, Charlie Puth, E-40 and Norwegian singer-songwriter Anna of the North.

Check out the announcement below and watch the trailer, which contains some explicit language, now at

Yella remained close to Eazy and stayed on production duties at Ruthless Records after the acrimonious breakup of N.

And G-Eazy didn't appear to have any regrets as he stepped out with new girlfriend Halsey on Monday.

Check out the slogan embroidery and bead embellishment down the sleeves of this beauty!

And trust us, the back is even better than the front. Or if £595 is quite a lot more than you wanted to spend, our edit below is the place to go.

The tragedy of the Fitzgerald novel the album is named after is that its protagonist secures everything he needs in life very early on but runs himself and his family ragged in his cold quest for more.