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This is not surprising since practical issues can seriously affect a couple, despite their feelings for each other.

Consider that, presumably, 99.99% of couples who get married are "in love." Yet Children look to parents as their bedrock of love, support, and care.

In intermarriages, children sense and see a lack of unity between parents and it often hurts them deeply.

These two great dangers of intermarriage lack of happiness and problematic environment for children - have been proven consistently over time and happen to be true for all religious intermarriages, whether Hindu-Muslim, Catholic-Protestant, or Christian-Jewish.They also happen to be true even if the non-Jewish spouse agrees to raise the kids Jewish, as time and time again earlier agreements are put back on the table as people get older.The first reason to date Jewish people is then clear you never know when youll fall in love. The great medieval Jewish sage known as Maimonides explained that it is better to give one dollar one hundred times than to give one hundred dollars all at one time. After all, the same amount of money is being given.The explanation forms the basis for much of Jewish religious thought.At the time I was just going out and enjoying myself" The quotes you just read are from real people, recounted in John Mayers book Jewish-Gentile Courtships.

It was published in 1961, but the quotes could have been from any time or place.

When asked what one calls the grandchildren of intermarriage, Milton Himmelfarb is said to have answered, "Christians." Of course there are exceptions.

However, in the vast, vast majority of cases intermarriages are seriously affected by some or all of these three factors: in the vast majority of cases your happiness and your kids stability and self-confidence depend on you marrying someone from the same religious background.

Whatever they agreed to previously, within 4-5 years of marriage, people often realize that they also value the traditions they were brought up with. In intermarriages involving one Jew and one non-Jew, the sad reality is that study after study confirms that the vast, vast majority of intermarried families, Jewishness simply doesnt last.

Even amongst families where the kids are being raised as "Jews only," 79% celebrate Christmas in some form.

Furthermore, when one marries another Jewish person, the chances of a familys Jewishness lasting increase exponentially.