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You can see on screen that we’re very family oriented and we really do feel like a real family.

Shane Steven Harper (born on February 14 1993, La Jolla) is an actor who plays the role of Spencer Walsh on Good Luck Charlie.

She even guest-starred in an episode of Outside of acting, Sam has an amazing Instagram account. From her Twitter alone we can tell that Sam is passionate, caring, and loves music!

As of May 2017, Sam is dating East London rapper, Nick Brewer. In September 2017, Sam, a few of her friends, and Bridgit Mendler all hung out together.

Three of the actors are working on a new project together!

Can't wait to hear more details about the new project.

However, she's a really good friend and as sweet as can be.

That's what makes her the perfect girl for PJ (Jason Dolley)! He also studied martial arts from the age of 4 until he was 12 and obtained a black belt in Karate.In the spring of 2006, a talent agent on the judging panel of a regional dance competition offered Harper an agency representation. In the premiere episode, “Study Date,” Amy (Leigh-Allyn Baker) is fretting as she returns to work as a nurse, but Bob (Eric Allan Kramer) reassures her that they have a support system to care for Charlie (Mia Telerico).However Teddy’s (Mendler) distracted by a cute classmate, PJ (Dolley) is trying to have a jam session with his friend and Gabe (Steven Perry) is feeling as if their territory has been invaded.At one point, Sam and Bridgit lived together in NYC, but it's unclear whether they're still roomies.