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I couldn't quite decide, but seeing how he got kisses from Anya to help drive them away, I stopped mentally debating the subject.

His first single, the full group creation of “If Eyes Could Talk”, was released April 1, 2010 on i Tunes.The official music video premiered via You Tube on June 15, 2010. He intended to release an extended play, which would then result in an ultimate release of an album.I have never seen the girl that plays Anya before (Scout Taylor-Compton), or the boy that plays Victor.But she made me wish I were Victor's age again.Victor, innocent and a bit of a nerd, learning for the first time what love is about.

Makes you wish things could stay that innocent when you grow up.

There were a few things here and there that seemed a bit far fetched, but perhaps it would be better to let you judge these for yourself.

Were Victor's hiccups due to nervousness, insecurity, or something else?

Unfortunately Anya also dates a rich guy, Peter, who drives a fancy lotus and has a stuffed Gucci wallet.

Perfect, shapely legs I couldn't keep my eyes from.

Werkheiser has requested that he be capable to co write the lyrics and music of every one of his tunes, and he’s been working with artists including Tim Myers, Wally Gagel, Eddie Galan, and Charlie Midnight to help compose his tunes.