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But actor brothers Richard () limit rivalry to the important stuff, like their Sony Play Station video games. “We always keep a lookout for each other,” says Shawn.

This is great.” Michael & Kevin Bacon Actor Kevin Bacon, 41 (right), and his brother Michael, 50, an Emmy Award-winning composer, have made music together for 30 years but took their act public only five years ago, at a club in their hometown, Philadelphia. “We used to throw the paddles at each other, but now we’re like tennis players—’good game.’ ” They keep things civil on the romantic front as well. I find myself attracted to women with dark hair and blue eyes. I was my mother’s favorite, but not because I was the baby. Keenen taught us discipline, and working on taught us discipline. Richard & Jonathan Jackson They share a bedroom in their parents’ L. “Lately we’ve been dealing with Madden football,” reports Richard (left). Kelly: I just steal your clothes and don’t return them. Keenen: At home, we all had our turn to be the baby except Shawn [Marlon was born 18 months after him]. Keenen: Yeah, but you stole the spotlight from him when you came along. Marlon: The thing we all possess is a huge amount of discipline. When I think of Keenen, I think of that arm on the baking soda box. In our conversation, Winters talks about acclimating to Los Angeles and the process of finding the tone of “Battle Creek,” which may be funnier than what you're expecting.It's a tone he notes comes at least in part from his actual dynamic with Duhamel. I just did the Reserves, so I did basic training and medic training. A., now that we live together, it’s kind of like the same thing again, except that we have our own rooms.

Nick: In high school, I had a girlfriend pretty much the entire time until senior year. Drew and I had a couple of mutual girlfriends, actually. Drew: Nick went away to college [Miami University of Ohio]. I joined the Army in the summer of ’94 after I graduated high school. We wear the same sizes, and we buy things together. When we put the band together, he said, “You are going to play the guitar.” I said, “You are out of your mind.” I thought I was going to stand there and sing and play the tambourine like Betty and Veronica. Michael: I get less nervous because I’ve been doing it longer. “If you got one of us, you got both of us,” declares Dean. Dean: The only time we dated the same woman was when I was 14. Nicky & Kelly Brendon Twenty-eight years ago, Nicky Brendon (left), Xander Harris on , made his debut three minutes after his identical twin, Kelly, in a Los Angeles hospital. But each has always kept an eye on the other’s achievements. He’s a movie star and makes 8 zillion dollars a day. I’d love to wake up one day and be able to play like he can. Kevin: Playing and singing your own songs in front of people to me is the scariest thing. Jonathan: Once in a while Richard has a sheepish Michael J. If I was recommending Richard to a girl, I’d say, ‘You won’t find anyone who will treat you better.’ ” Richard: Ah, that’s very nice. Scott & Dean Winters Whether battling bullies in high school or audition angst in Hollywood, actors Dean Winters (right), 35, and brother Scott, 34, never go it alone. Nick & Drew Lachey Nick (left) and Drew Lachey, who, with Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons, compose the vocal group 98°, “have always been close,” says Nick, 26. The only reason we even went to the same school [Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts] was because my whole family was bragging and talking about how proud they were of Drew for getting in. When Jerry, 25 ( and even double-dated—with a pair of sisters. “He broke up with the younger sister, and then all I would hear about was what a jerk my brother was.” Needless to say, it didn’t last. “We’ve always kind of leaned on each other.” The Cincinnati-bred duo, whose album went double platinum last month, have become even tighter since taking up life on a tour bus. Charlie: At home we had beds right next to each other. I was kind of going for her, and you made out with her. Jerry: We talk to each other every day, sometimes for two minutes, sometimes for two hours. Jerry: Occasionally we’ll get into a tiff over something like laundry.