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The lawsuit claims that Facebook did not act reasonably when it failed to take down a false profile with sexually explicit videos of her, claiming that the profile was purposefully made in order to embarrass and demean her.

The nursing student also claims that her future employment has been damaged, as her sexuality was on display for not only family and friends, but future employers.

Things can turn ugly though when this type of technology is brought into private relationships and intimate encounters.

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Larry’s parents, Claxton and Edith, separated; his brother, Jimmy, stayed with his maternal grandparents; and Larry moved with his mother to Hamlet, Indiana.In his early teens (under a false age), Flynt spent a year in the U. Army until he was discharged because of low test scores.This type of posting leads to very embarrassing and often life destroying situations for individuals.Not only do these unbalanced posters put up pictures and videos, but often include addresses, full names, telephone numbers, and places of work.State legislatures are rushing to enact laws that prevent the posting of private nude photographs and videos online.

This is a more recent trend known as “revenge porn” and is defined by the National Conference of State Legislatures as “posting of nude or sexually explicit photographs or videos of people online without their consent, even if the photograph itself was taken with consent.” This new trend has been skyrocketing in popularity among scorned lovers.

(Ariz, Colo., Hawaii, Idaho, Md., New York, Penn., Utah, Va., and Wisconsin.) (Note: California passed revenge porn laws in 2013).

Even more states are currently considering laws that would impose legal penalties on individuals who share these types of images/videos online.

Facebook has also been criticized for its lack of oversight on the issue, and just this past month has been hit with its first “revenge porn” lawsuit.

This lawsuit, filed by a Texas nursing student, seeks 123 million dollars in damages.

As a divorce lawyer, I am seeing more cases where a bitter spouse either threatens or disseminates nude photos of his/her spouse online.