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“I didn’t have any interest in owning another business, especially a retail business,” Phillips said. Cookie and how I have a long history at the Reading Terminal Market and how it’s absolutely the best cookie I’ve ever had in my life.” “It’s a Philadelphia institution,” he added.

In the early 1980s, Janie Auspitz began baking chocolate chip cookies from her own recipe — they turned out plump, moist, chewy, and best of all, chocolately.

Now with his hands in real estate transactions, Untermeyer heard that the Auspitz family was looking to selling the business.

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These are simple little cookies that would go perfect alongside a fresh fruit salad or a bowl of sorbet, or during tea-time.I asked Natalie if she would share the Tahini and Almond Cookie recipe here on the site, which she was happy to do. – David Tahini and Almond Cookies There’s something exciting about baking.Combining all kinds of tastes and textures, putting it in the oven, and waiting for that moment when the scent draws you back into the kitchen – is probably why I love it so much.This is my true passion in life, and ever since I began baking professionally, it felt as if I found my destiny.Living on Earth is an environmental news and information program.

Each week host Steve Curwood guides the listener through a mix of news, features, interviews and commentary on a broad range of ecological issues.

“We wanted somewhere that had a loading zone and a better layout for the operation,” said Phillips, a 40-year food industry veteran.

He started in the business as a teenager working at Reading Terminal’s 12th Street Cantina, which his cousins owned.

When Snyder heard that Untermeyer had purchased the building for the Famous 4th St. “It’s going to make everybody happy and it’s going to smell really good,” Snyder said.

“You can’t go wrong with cookies.” In her discussions with Untermeyer, Snyder said he mentioned improving the façade, possibly adding a new design.

Regardless of whatever is on the baking list for the week, fresh cookies are a must, as I always try to keep my cookie jar full of new tastes and ingredients.