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Each day longer her body is able to support you is a day crucial to your development.Just today we were reading up about the development of fetuses in their 30th week vs their 34th week and trying to decide when would it be safe for you.If too much medication is given and your mother’s blood pressure goes too low, it could affect your growth.

She gets tired very very quickly and suddenly falls into spontaneous sleep.

The hardest part about watching your mother go through this isn’t the physical pain she goes through but the emotional grief.

Fortunately though, I have always assured your mother that we will be able to afford the bills and give you and her the best medical care money can buy.

On the brighter side, your mother is really popular.

But your mother was only 28 weeks when she found out she had preeclampsia, way too premature to deliver you.

So what the Doctor has to do is give your mother medication and monitor her closely for the next few weeks to keep you in her womb as long as possible so that you have enough time to grow.We can only fight this as long as we can and then … I pray you will have the strength you need to be the healthy baby you’re meant to be.I feel the need to write this to you because I fear that one day the details of what your mother had to go through would be forgotten.I also pray that you will remember the difficult time your mother and father had to go through to bring you into this world. I hope that whenever you get angry at your mother, you remember the patience she had in trying to keep you in her womb as long as she can.I hope that whenever you get upset because your mother sends you to your room, you remember the weeks she had to spend in a hospital room for you.She was worried about what the Doctor said could happen to you. And she was worried about me, about the medical bills that I will have to pay since our insurance doesn’t cover this medical condition.