Dating tripoli

I must admit that I remember very little of the school as I never liked being there.

At the back of the flats was the Ritz Hotel, which is where we would swim (and where I learned to swim).There was a large, open area where we would play and where boats would tie up at the end of a short pier.One day, we were sitting watching a soldier trying to teach his son to water-ski.We were laughing (that was a bit cruel of us), as the boy wasn’t very successful, when his father made a grab for us and caught me.I let go and glided in till, luckily, I was standing in about 2 feet of water. Nanyuki, we were informed, was right on the Equator, so, logically, we thought, “On the Equator: it is hot here, so it is going to be really hot there”, and jumped into the back of a Land Rover with no canopy on, wearing shorts and T-shirts. And Nanyuki is located near the bottom of it, so we were freezing.

I was never so scared in my whole life, and I never laughed at anyone trying to do anything again (lesson learned). At first, we were placed in a hotel that turned out to be the same hotel that owned “Treetops” (where the Queen was on holiday when she heard of her father’s death), which was basically a hotel built on sawn-off trees, with a manmade lake in front of it to bring the animals in to water.The Duke of Edinburgh visited whilst we lived here, and we got pictures of his car from our eighth-floor balcony and from the street as he was on his way to leave.There was a large reservoir quite nearby, and to get there, we had to cross the road and climb the hill.His father had served in World War I, receiving the DSO (Distinguished Service Order) and bar.I had four brothers – Tommy, Johnny, Steve and Billy – all born into the army whilst my father was serving.Well, the boat took off with me following (with knees bent as I was too scared to stand up).