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See also: What does a Mountain Lion look like on a game camera? More Questions about Pumas in Pennsylvania Are there Mountain Lions (Pumas, Cougars) in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic States?Many of the reports I receive are extremely credible.

About six months ago I posted the question, Are there Mountain Lions in Pennsylvania?Over the last few months several people have responded to this question with reports of their own.But no one that I've communicated with had these preconceptions, and seeing what they saw was a complete surprise.And a bit of an unpleasant one at that, as they now faced ridicule or doubt whenever they discussed their sightings.Goggling Eastern Puma brings up other web sites, however, with varying levels of professionalism or credibility.

The other site, The Cougar Network, is still active, and is reporting the cats expanding range from the West, but offers little about the phenomenon of Pennsylvania cats.

One man sent me a game camera photo that was blurry but looked like a mountain lion, or puma, as I like to call them.

Mary saw the photo, too, and she immediately agreed, it was a puma.

A brief look, yes, but no question we saw a coyote.

Now, forty years ago coyotes were rare or almost nonexistent in Pennsylvania, and had had that same sighting back then, when coyotes were thought not to exist within the state we would have had the 'facts' to doubt what we saw.

In July and August I received seven different reports, and everyone involved had done a search of some type to compare images of bobcats and pumas.