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Germany also offers a wide range of options for Belgian tourists: beaches on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, mountains such as those in Bavaria, the Black Forest, and culture in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.A network of high-speed trains (ICEs) connects the tourist centres.Belgium’s major peacekeeping role in East Slavonia during the wars of the former Yugoslavia remain imprinted in the Croatian memory, as well as Belgium’s efforts during its Presidency of the European Union in 2010, which allowed Croatia to progress towards European integration.

Any measures that are likely to improve the climate on the ground are welcome and receive Belgium’s support.However, the political agenda is currently dominated by the banking crisis which plunged Cyprus in deep turmoil and made necessary an EU and IMF financial bail out, accompanied by a severe reform plan.Since the end of the 20th century, however, this isolation has ended as a result of a booming tourist industry and developments in transport and communication.Andorra’s political system was modernised in 1993, when the Principality established its first constitution and became a member of the United Nations and the Council of Europe.Furthermore, Germany is a major factor in the Belgian economy.

As far as exports are concerned, Germany is our largest market. Traditionally German companies, for example in the petrochemical and automotive industry, with their sizeable investments, provide tens of thousands of jobs in our country.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg maintain very good relations in diverse areas.

The entry into force of the new Benelux Union Treaty on 1 January 2012 was an important step in deepening cooperation related to three key themes: the internal market and economic union, sustainable development, and justice and home affairs.

Belgium is France’s third largest customer and third largest supplier.

Conversely France is Belgium’s second largest customer and third largest supplier.

The 140 or so of our compatriots who reside in Andorra are mainly active in the real estate, insurance and hotel industries, as well as the travel sector and the sale of regional Belgian products.