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The storyline comes to a dramatic conclusion with Rob and Kurt fighting on a boat. Geri Hudson arrives with footballer boyfriend Jason Cunliffe. Luke Morgan steps in to stop him taking it too far, however just as Scott and his friends are about to throw Luke into the river, Scott tells his friends that he has a better idea; Scott and his friends pull Luke's trousers down to make fun of Luke's rape from the previous year.

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But now he's all grown up – and this year appeared on E4 dating programme Celebs Go Dating, alongside the likes of Ferne Mc Cann and Joey Essex.

From dancer to reality star, here’s the lowdown on Perri…

Beth is later offered a lift by Scott, and then is raped. Broadcast in 2000, Alex Bell, Max Cunningham, Ben Davies, Tony Hutchinson, Luke Morgan, Sam "O.

B." O'Brien, Sol Patrick and Lewis Richardson make their way to Barcelona to celebrate Rory Finnigan's stag party before Finn marries Tony's Mother.

Tony, however, has secretly enlisted the help of Carol Groves to convince Finn not to go ahead with the marriage.

Broadcast in March 2000, the late night special involves a 90s disco at the club where Ruth Osborne discovers Lewis Richardson's gambling addiction.The ripped performer, who refers to himself as a “professional third wheel”, will be looking for love on the popular dating programme. After two years of training, the group appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.Following a breathtaking performance in the final, the dancers famously beat Susan Boyle to take the crown.Perri’s most well-known telly appearance was his participation in diving contest Splash!His television competition skills were proven again, as the dancer beat athlete Richard Whitehead in the final.In 2013, he was announced as backstage co-presenter for the fourth series of Got to Dance, where he hosted alongside Jordan Banjo.