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Mandy Walker is a divorce coach who went through a divorce of her own.

Her blog provides advice about many facets of divorce, including emotional and legal challenges.

Going through a divorce is one of the toughest things that can happen in your life.

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Cordell & Cordell claims to be “the largest family law firm in the nation focused on men’s divorce, child custody, fathers rights, men’s rights, child support and other family law matters.” Their blog provides essential information on the divorce process, child custody issues, child support, property division, and spouse support.

They even offer an attorney directory, a variety of divorce guides, and advice about divorce laws in specific states.

Overall, Avvo Stories serves as one-stop shopping for reading, researching, getting answers to questions, and connecting with an attorney.

In the Divorced Girl Smiling, Jackie Pilossoph shares her experiences and offers advice since her divorce.

I recently interviewed Mandy Walker on the Divorce and Your Money Show. Shawn started his career as a financial advisor, then branched out into financial planning for divorces.

He created “Divorce and Your Money” to help people going through a divorce make smart financial decisions, save money, and protect their assets.

As someone who has helped thousands of people get through divorce, I only recommend a handful of blogs. Huffington Post Divorce has the most comprehensive information for people going through a divorce.

The blog includes a wide range of interesting topics, including legal issues, co-parenting, and even celebrity issues.

Her recently redesigned blog covers a wide variety of topics, including separating, co-parenting, and dating after divorce.

Pilossoph is also the author of the highly entertaining novel Smiling and the creator of Divorced Guy Grinning, another great blog.

There are also great guest posts from other experts, including Rosalind Sedacca, Lisa Gabardi, and LJ Burke.