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The term was originally used to mean "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy".

The term's use as a reference to homosexuality may date as early as the late 19th century, but its use gradually increased in the 20th century.

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" Matty shoved Liam into the showers and pulled his boxies off. Matty began taking more photos, but Liam didn't care. Matty shoved his penis inside Liam's mouth and throat fucked him.

He had to do it slowly or he would have cum quickly.

Almost like he was showing his body off to everyone, he stretched his arms above his head, empathising the sheer size of his arms and revealing his hairy armpits - the same armpits Liam would like to lick. He was facing his back to Liam, Liam trying hard not to look at the perfect ass stood in front of him.

Liam turned away quickly, pleading with his penis to not get hard and reveal he is a 'queer', 'fag' or 'gayboy'.

In an effort to make his school life as easy as possible, his desire for cock was something he had kept to himself. Liam has never felt anything like it and cum a bucket full all over his chest. Matty threw all of liams clothes and bags on top of him and then pissed all over his face, body and clothes.

I mean, at 5 foot 11 with brown wavy hair, an athletic build and a deep voice, you wouldn't know. Matty laughed and shoved the two fingers in Liam's mouth to clean, spat on Liam and then retrieved all of Liam's belongings. "I've got you eating mans ass, I've you sucking dick, and I've got you being fingered, moaning and cumming. They're being sent to your fucking girlfriend and family if you don't do what I say" "Shit.

Spanking each other and pulling their friends boxers down - showing bare ass.

When it got too bad, Liam would go to the toilet quickly to hide his excitement.

So tight that you could see the inprint of his bellend. "er," Liam began nervously, "yeah I'm good cheers mate".

Matty grabbed Liam's cock through his boxers and wanked it. Matty pushed Liam onto his knees, turned around and pulled his boxies down. Licking another mans dirty hole." Liam heard a camera click but was too into it to care. Liam gagged and gagged somemore, but that only turned him on more.

He was of muscly build, having being a regular gym goer and always made sure his uniform was a size too small, showing off his biceps, bum and package. Liam stripped down to his boxies, also tight briefs, but just a shops own brand and not designer. Coach said I'm to get changed and sit with you." "Er.