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Can a Scorpio woman and a Sagittarius man find true love?The needs of these autumn signs differ strongly, but they can learn to understand and support one another, developing deeper intimacy and trust with time.Groups of smart, open minded individuals feed his soul with entertaining flights of fancy and philosophy. Travel, be it physical or intellectual, is an important part of his life.

The Taurus man is a straightforward and down to earth kind of a guy, but the Scorpio woman’s depths intrigue and fascinate him.For the Scorpio woman, the Taurus man is prepared to take a walk on the wild side – and she quickly becomes addictive for him.If she is betrayed or lied to she doesn't easily forgive and she cannot forget.Like an iceberg, most of her being exists in the depths. She is fascinated by things most people are frightened of, such as fear itself.Taurus man Scorpio woman compatibility is anything but peaceful.

It’s not that either partner has a temper as such – not in a hot-headed fire sign kind of way, at least.

As emotion is the substance of her being, letting go is not possible for her.

She perceives what others deny and is repelled by dishonesty.

When the bull and the scorpion lock weapons, it’s a sure fire thing that both will be wounded in one way or another. It’s as if they find it so hard to live with one another, yet cannot live without each other either.

Taurus man and Scorpio woman compatibility is electrifying, exhilarating and frankly terrifying at times.

Taurus man Scorpio woman compatibility is very sexual and physical – don’t forget that Taurus is an earthy, sensual sign, and of course, Scorpio’s sex appeal is legendary.