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- 12.00 a.m.)On line Ticket One's retails outlets The visit to the Archeological area takes place on different floor levels.

Disabled or physically impeded visitors are recommended to inform the call center and book the entrance.

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The title chosen for this years event is: "Bridging Science and Heritage.

The Symposium will be focused on the application of modern physical and chemical methods in archaeometry, including nuclear methods and techniques used in dating, in the analysis, investigation and characterization of ancient artifacts, as well as their conservation and consolidation...

Recunoaşterea academică internaţională i-a adus profesorului Alexandru Vulpe titluri precum cele de membru corespondent al Institutului Arheologic German şi de membru al Consiliului Permanent al Uniunii Internaţionale de Ştiinţe Pre- şi Protoistorice (UISPP).

A fost membru al Academiei Romne, preşedinte al Secţiei de Ştiinţe Istorice şi Arheologie a Academiei Romne şi, timp de peste 15 ani, director al Institutului de Arheologie Vasile Prvan din Bucureşti.

Conversaţiile cu Domnia Sa erau plăcute şi deschise, avnd darul de a oferi tinerilor cercetători linişte, INSTITUTUL DE ARHEOLOGIE VASILE PRVAN SECTORUL DE ARHEOLOGIE GRECO-ROMAN ȘI EPIGRAFIE V invit luni, 27 aprilie 2015, orele la comunicarea: IUPPITER OPTIMUS MAXIMUS DOLICHENUS E IL SUO CULTO.

Analisi storico-religiosa della documentazione epigrafica e iconografica rinvenuta in Dacia e Msia Inferior Manifestarea Muzeul Naţional de Antichităţi, 0 excursiune arheologică este prilejuită de mplinirea a 180 de ani de la nfiinţarea Muzeului de istorie naturală şi antichităţi şi a 150 de ani de existenţă a Muzeului Naţional de Antichităţi, al cărui continuator este Institutul de Arheologie Vasile Prvan"....The entire building was then purchased in 1752 by Cardinal Giuseppe Spinelli, who moved the Imperial Library to the ground floor for public use and was often frequented by Johann Joachim Winckelmann.In 1827 the Prussian banker and Consul-General Vincenzo Valentini bought the building, making it his home and giving it its name.A team of art historians, archaeologists and architects, all working for the Provincial Administration, worked on a project to research, restore and put these excavations on public display.The results are of exceptional significance, revealing an area that was of great importance in Roman times and which can help piece together the ancient, medieval and modern topography of Rome.A new important sector has been added to the archaeological zone and museum.