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The earlier in the story the plot-driving coincidences occur, the more leeway the writer has with them.Contrived Coincidence is one of the driving forces of Farce, decreed by the Rule of Funny.This would be jarring, but most of the time no attention is drawn to the event at all.

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Super Trope to Coincidental Broadcast and It's a Small World After All. See also Fridge Logic (or Not My Driver), for the moment the character realizes this trope.

starring Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, it went on to displace the original and spawn two sequels.

More often than not, though, things happen the way they do simply Because Destiny Says So.

There's just one tiny little problem with that theory: Sometimes, Destiny say so.

Forti Guard Web Filtering includes over 45 million individual ratings of web sites that apply to more than two billion pages.

Pages are sorted and rated into several dozen categories administrators can allow or block.

All three films were directed by Steven Soderbergh.

There is an upcoming spinoff, featuring an all-female cast: The films are an exercise in cool, with the focus on Gentleman Thief characters wearing fashionable suits in exotic locations exchanging witticisms over jazzy music.

The Forti Gate unit accesses the nearest Forti Guard Web Filtering Service Point to determine the category of a requested web page, and then applies the security policy configured for that user or interface.

Forti Guard Web Filtering service supports detection for traffic using HTTP protocol (versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0).

* PSAT/SAT/ACT scores (and it’s even weirder when your summary leads with these things and you are in your 40s) * statements that you are smarter and more talented than the person viewing your profile (As in, “I am smarter than you.