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Apparently Artie has “cleaned himself up.” Come to find out, Artie is meeting Dr. “Team Clartie” head to the hospital to meet Vanessa, finding several victims of this latest mysterious artifact. They attempt to recall the events of the previous evening to no avail and begin to retrace their steps.Meanwhile, back at the Warehouse – Pete and Myka awaken… Finding Artie’s toothbrush in the bed did particular mystery.

The delight in Claudia’s face when Vanessa explains to him that her relationship with Hugo is in the past is absolutely adorable.‘Warehouse 13’ does not fail to deliver yet again.

is why it is Sy Fy channel’s most successful series to date!

Annual Newport Beach Film Festival was a nice start to what should be an exciting festival to keep track of.

Given the difficulty I have had at nailing down exactly which films to check out on what days, due to interest in so many, it seems like I am in for a lot of good, interesting, or at least entertaining features.

The CDC locks down the store as Claudia attempts to track down Tyler and stop him from infecting others.

Pete and Myka, retracing their steps from one strange artifact to another, find Steve – still frozen in the bronze sector.Nine months later this couple are already living together and talking engagement. I knew what I wanted and I found him.’ Then there is Vanessa Unlike Caroline, Vanessa made just about every mistake in the book, including dating much younger men (then feeling like their mum); dismissing men after the first date (men are nervous too and do not show their best side when feeling judged); expecting all men over 45 to be as handsome as George Clooney (forget it – few are and he is taken!As Caroline says ‘he was a long time coming, but the wait was worth it. ); pouncing on men who seemed like a good catch (good catches do not like to be caught in a trap); falling in love on the first date and wondering where that man went to on the third date (they all have a flaw); waiting for phone calls like a love-sick teenager (men do not replace career, work responsibilities and everything else in your life); moving in quickly and before learning about his very bad habits (we all have one); dating inappropriate men (and making excuses for them in the face of her friends dismay); dropping all her friends when a man was on the scene (never forget they give you what men cannot). You have life, love to give, a hand to hold and a desire to share.Claudia finds Tyler, who is completely unaware he was responsible for the mishaps, gets the necklace, and delivers it to Artie in hopes of reversing the affliction before it takes more lives.The crisis is averted, and Artie, being the gentleman he is, gives his begrudging blessing to Vanessa and Hugo.With that in mind, I was happy to find the opening film, Lovesick, to be enjoyable enough, for what it is.