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Only 3 to 4% of BYU students have had sex (a figure possibly somewhat underreported due to fear of honor code violations), as compared with 60 to 70% at other universities.Many students found it challenging to transition from hanging out to dating relationships.

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He was funny and offbeat in a brotherly sort of way.He was going to South America, and I was going to Europe.As for physical intimacy, around 30% think holding hands, hugging and kissing is appropriate in a hanging out relationship, while the percentage is just short of 100 for a dating relationship.A small number, from 1 to 3%, feels making out and intense kissing is appropriate for hanging out, which appears to be the NCMO phenomenon and the BYU equivalent of “hooking up.” Naturally, BYU students are very conservative as regards actual premarital sex.” he chirped.[3] And like the trusting co-ed who naively gets in Ted Bundy’s van, away we went. He dropped me off at my place and asked if he could come in to use the bathroom. Let me assure you this is not a lactose intolerance story.

Somewhere between the woman-suit seamstress guy prancing around in front of the mirror and “it puts the lotion on its skin,” I started to think this might not have been the ideal first date movie. After the movie, perhaps to distance himself from the embarrassment, he made a suggestion. There but for the grace of god, as the saying goes. I didn’t really understand what I had just heard.[6] I was mortified at the smorgasbord of horrors I had heard and seen end-to-end throughout this entire date.

Hanging out is popular in a comparable way at BYU as elsewhere.

About a quarter of both BYU men and women hang out six or more times per week.

The importance BYU students placed on marrying (88% women, 87% men) was a little bit more but somewhat comparable to high aspirations towards marriage in the national sample (83% women, 73% men).

Interestingly, the non-LDS sample felt a little more confident that at the right time the right person would appear for marriage; nearly the entire national sample was confident in being able to find a suitable mate (99%), but this number was 92% for BYU women and 88% for BYU men, which may suggest higher standards for the BYU group.

S., which found that dating has almost disappeared in favor of Elder Oaks’ favorite bogeyman, “hanging out,” which then leads to the non-LDS variant of “hooking up” (isolated sexual experiences without any expectation of anything more) Only half of the women had been on six or more dates over their entire college career, and 1/3 had two or fewer dates over the entire four years.