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There are other popular temples as well like Punjabi Mandir, Bankhandan ka Mandir, Raisatti ka Mandir, Sai Baba mandir, Chawhatteshwar Mandir, Maskan-E-Yaqub etc. On the occasion of Muharram, a large gathering of Muslims and other casts or religion make participation in Azadari whether they are sunni or shia and belong to other community.Sambhal is believed to have 68 theerths, 36 pura's, 52 sarai. The MANUU centre in sambhal is providing education in professional and semi-professional disciplines. The entire town comes ahead on this occasion of Muharram and emphasizes on maintaining the peace inside.Total literates in Sambhal city are 92,608 of which 51,382 are males while 41,226 are females.

Another Center for Distance Education of Aligarh Muslim University is situated at Madrasa Sirajul Uloom Hilali Sarai Sambhal providing education in courses like B. Villages like Mandi Kishan Das Sarai, Kaghzi Sarai, Nooriyon Sarai and Saif Khan Sarai are considered as the integral parts to organize this occasion of Ashura.

Moreover, the festivals like Eid, Eid Miladun Nabi, Neza, Holi, X-mas day and Diwali are celebrated with great enthusiasm every year by the locals.

Sambhal district, which had a population of around 22 lakh (2,200,000), was carved out of Moradabad district in September 2011.

It consists of three tehsils : Sambhal and Chandausi, taken from Moradabad, and Gunnaur, taken from Badaun.

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The 31 year old actor-model started her career in 2007 with producer Ekta Kapoor’s soap opera Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. That was in the early 14th Century and subsequently, Firoz Shah Tughlaq, another sultan of Delhi, raided the town of Sambhal as one of the Hindu rulers from there was responsible for the killing of several of his men.He, therefore, administered a Muslim rule in Sambhal to try and vanquish all of the Hindu ruler’s forces and enslave him for the rest of his life.In 15th century BC, Sikandar Lodi, the second ruler of the Lodi empire, declared Sambhal as one of the capitals of his vast empire and it remained that way for four long years.After the previously mentioned empires had collapsed, it was then the turn of the Mughals to stake a claim in the offerings of Sambhal as a place that was most suited to be the capital of their empire.Many mosques are part of modern-day Sambhal with some even dating back to the 14th and 15th century.