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All the rooms had their own bathrooms, and most were singles, though there were a few rooms with roommates.

The lobby was large and inviting, and all the rooms had views of Lake Michigan, the Midway Plaisance, or the Chicago skyline. She was tiny, blonde, with a pointy nose and chin and large blue eyes.

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Because I already had a year of college under my belt, I felt confident among the wide-eyed freshman who populated the majority of the dorms in broadview. As soon as I saw her, I wrote her off as a girl that would scoff at any association with me. Just because a girl was more empirically attractive didn’t mean that she shouldn’t date me.After all, she was hot—she wasn’t just cute or pretty. Perhaps it came from years of rejection and snubbing from the most attractive girls, but at the time, I had taken to heart this idea of “leagues.” Is she out of my league? To be frank, the idea of “leagues” was frustrating beyond the fact that it was a sports analogy. Convincing her I was a worthwhile pursuit—that was another matter. When I ran into her in the elevator one day early on in the year, I made a bunch of rapid-fire jokes.It’s hard finding someone who supports you and your journey.Hold on to the one that lights your fire and diffuses disasters – regardless of how you met. It can be hard to introduce a new bae to close friends and family. Rebounding after a breakup is never a good idea, especially with friends of an ex. Your ex has moved on and things are no longer awkward.Dating a friend of your ex is simpler when your relationship with your ex was one of those casual “let’s just hang out until we don’t want to anymore” things.

When it’s a friend of a long-term ex, it can be trickier, especially if you all used to hang out on the regular.

They likely know the restaurants you like and some of your fan theories — they also probably know all the gory details about you and your ex. Here are some things to consider before letting your ex’s friend know that you weren’t “joking” when you swiped right on them on Tinder.

Even if you’re not doing it consciously, watch yourself.

If your ex has moved on with someone else or is no longer emotionally or physically invested in your relationship, proceed.

PLUS: The Time My Ex Boyfriend Stalked Me You haven’t had any contact with your ex for an extended period of time. If you and your ex exchange quick birthday/holiday messages over Facebook, moving forward with a “mutual friend” shouldn’t be a problem. You aren’t asking them for permission, you are simply letting them know that you are dating someone new who just so happens to be their friend.

Since college, my lack of confidence has betrayed me several times.