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New arrivals enter the villa throughout the series to test loyalties and shake up the couplings.

Viewers vote on their favourite couples, with the unlucky pairs 'dumped' from the island.

The islanders are also forced to make tough decisions, as they to have a vote on who to boot off.Daily challenges test the comparability of the couples.The summer ends with a viewer vote deciding on the winning pair.A £50,000 prize pot is up for grabs and in an added twist past series have seen the champs have to choose whether or not to split the money.The presenter saunters back to the villa on a weekly basis, dubbed 'the Flack attack', to watch over more Recouplings which see the contestants either choose to stick with their current partner or swap for someone different.

Alongside Caroline, voiceover king Iain Stirling has become a cult star for his tongue-in-cheeks quips and commentary, all presented in his Scottish drawl.Even Liam Gallagher appears to have been swept up in the mania, after revealing he snubbed Glastonbury acts over the weekend to watch his new favourite show, admitting 'I've gone to the dark side and Love Island it is.' Gary Lineker felt the full wrath of fans when he dared to question why his son George was making him tune in last week, with his 6.2million followers rounding on him for questioning the show's popularity.Chloe Crowhurst has been dumped from the Love Island villa, but before she left she certainly made her mark, especially during the Best of British eating contest. Here, pre-mess, Chloe donned a bandeau bikini in a hot pink hue.Mail Online features on the show also soar into the most-read lists daily.Surprisingly it isn't your just your average reality TV-hungry teen audience tuning in.There's plenty of twists and turns to shake up the format, with new girls and boys making surprise entries into the villa, and audience and contestant votes decide who should be 'dumped' from the island.