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Glenn orbited the Earth three times in a flight that lasted just under five hours.Glenn splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean successfully but faced a moment when the automatic control system failed and he had to manually control the capsule.

I have included this to show how close full scale nuclear war was between the world's two superpowers, we can only guess that the Soviet Union was at similar alert status and had similar plans in place.Although no formal announcement was ever made by the United States following the Soviet dismantling of Missiles in Cuba the United States did Withdraw all nuclear missiles from Turkey by April 24th 1963 and because the Soviet Union and the United States came the closest in history to all out war a direct communications hot line was established between Moscow and Washington, D. NASAs Ranger 4 spacecraft was launched and crashed on the Moon during April.Cuban and Soviet governments secretly began to build 9 missile bases in Cuba for launching medium-range and intermediate-range ballistic missiles, Missiles capable of reaching 2,800 miles covering most of the United States 3. 1,436 B-52 bombers dispersed and made ready to take off, fully equipped, on 15 minutes notice.145 intercontinental ballistic missiles stood on ready alert, while Air Defense Command re deployed 161 nuclear-armed interceptors to 16 dispersal fields within nine hours including one-third maintaining 15-minute alert status.Marilyn Monroe made one of her last public appearances on May 19th at a birthday celebration for U. The performance added to rumors that the two were having an affair and only three months later Monroe died of a drug overdose, ruled a probable suicide, under suspicious circumstances.

More Information and Timeline for James Meredith 1.NASA launches the Friendship 7 spacecraft during February .The Mercury capsule carried astronaut John Glenn who conducted the first orbit around the Earth by an American.More Information and Timeline for the Bay Of Pigs Attempted failed military invasion of Cuba 1.1953 - 59 Cuban Revolution leading to the Cuban President Fulgencio Batista and replacing his government with a revolutionary socialist state 2. 1960 Presidential Election both main candidates, Richard Nixon of the Republican Party and John F.The CIA began to recruit anti-Castro Cuban exiles ( Brigade 2506 ) training took place at US Bases in Florida, Panama and Guatemala 3. Kennedy of the Democratic Party both promising to take a hard line with Castro 5.