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Unfortunately, in the fullness of time, it wasn't to be and eventually, even more channels disappeared until the big dish solution was no longer viable and British Expatriates living in Cyprus started to look for alternative ways of getting their UK TV fix !

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Weakened to the point that receiving enough signal to produce a TV picture, even with a massive 4.2 metre satellite dish, is impossible on the majority of the TV channels that were available to Sky TV users in Cyprus.

At first, Sky TV users in Cyprus lost the TV channels that they cherished the most - the UK free to air TV channels (BBC, ITV etc.).

It wasn't long before other solutions began to appear, one of which is the solution that is offered at the top of this page and which was introduced to the market 2 years ago.

A dedicated UK TV box that delivers the majority of the UK free to air TV channels without using a computer or a satellite dish and even better, without paying a monthly or annual fee for the privilege.

Some HD channels across the board are available though many of the SD channels are there if the HD ones are not.

Have the box connected to a VPN now so receiving the Sky On-Demand / Catch Up services too so am able to view more content (even though its not live streaming). Also a few extra music channels have returned together with many of the discovery ones (channel 520 onwards). So, is there way to have the sky box with all the channels, including 3D and features such as live pause and forward ?The first round of satellite changes were a temporary solution to solve an immediate problem that Astra were facing and so, although the people who had invested their hard earned cash in these expensive Sky TV systems were sorry to lose the channels that were most important to them, they were optimistic that the channels may return when Astra implemented the permanent solution at a later date.In short, they were 'hoping' that they may get the channels back when they were transferred onto their permanent satellite.Then, I hope that we'll get some information from Sky TV users - reception reports on Sky TV in Cyprus I have a Sky HD box connected to a 4.2m dish with the full sky package.Able to receive about half the available content at present including Movies & Sports.Visitors to Cyprus can't help but notice the size of some of the satellite dishes that people have installed in their gardens - but why would you want to go to the expense and inconvenience of installing one of these massive 3m monstrosities on your property ?