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But although it was stressful and a bit of an unhill battle, it was worth every bit, to escape and be close to my family.

Go for it, you only have one life, make the most of it and stand up to him Good luck Alison Thank you for your encouragement, it's really helpful when i'm about to face yet another tough part of the process (the separation and divorce is bad enough!

We all have different views on what 'putting the children first' means to us.I want my children to be able to have an even closer relationship with my parents and their aunties and cousins.Also make sure you have thought about schooling and where they would go and why that is a good option for them.And most importantly you will need to have thought and show to the court how you will encourage the kids maintaining a relationship with their father, when they will see him and who will do the travelling, telephone contact and Skype when they go a long period without seeing them.I have read many articles and threads re: 'taking children away from their fathers' and I know its a tricky subject.

However it was his choice to leave, and two years down the line I have found love in an old school friend (who lives near where my parents live.

Also in the report include ways you would facilate contact (things like skype, email and phone calls) wether youwouls bewilling to travel anypart of the way to meet at a set point part way between the two towns and how often, include things like school holidays and howyou wouild be willing to offer longer time during these times.

Givea copy to yourex after telling him, make sure you havea spare copyfor his solicitor ready for when you get a letter fromthem and also one for court if your ex choses to takes it that far.

) I see the move as a wonderful opportunity for both me and the children and am of course keen for my children to maintain contact with their father.

It would not bother me if my ex moved also, to be closer to us-I do not want to create distance for the sake of it, I just want to move! It would be wonderful if my ex didn't try and stop the move through legal processes (I could live with him being cross with me!

), especially when I did not ask for any of this and loved my ex husband dearly.