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I've tried tracking the history of my guitar, serial number etc.but none of it seems to add up - so take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think. Here is the link to Fender Japan, maybe you can find out something: And another one: PS I think you can read something about Japanese instruments here on Fender site, in support - product dating - Japanese instruments.I am very curious as to whether your MIJ there is a solid wood or ply?

Not that the MIK had a "bad" neck but the '85 MIJ is much, MUCH nicer...really a very high quality neck. Again you can see the lower end bridge on this one that is similar to yours.Now here's a pic of the body on the MIK so you can compare it to yours (and yea... While I obviously can't tell from your pictures, I'd be willing to bet your MIJ only had the half sized zinc trem block (yes/no?Also on the back of my tuning keys, they are stamped "Fender Japan" (although I've seen a number that are also stamped "Gotoh" as well).I know you can't really tell from the pics here but the '85 MIJ neck also has a much nicer, dare I say "higher quality" finish than the '92 MIK had and over-all the neck has a MUCH better fit and finish. I was just trying to get some snapshots of her the night I brought her home).Maybe the next time I put a new set of strings on, I'll remove the neck and see if there's a pencil written serial number.

If you want to see a 1987 MIJ Squire E series Stratocaster, take a look at mine.While the name isn't as familiar to most folks as Fender is (or even Squier), as I recall Fuji Gen Gakki has been around making electric guitars since 1962 (they started in 1960 making violins and acoustic guitars) so these folks do in fact know what they are doing.Again my '85 E series is an incredible guitar and I recently acquired a Fender MIJ Contemporary body of that same era and I have to say the quality and workmanship is certainly first rate on both.For the sake of comparison, here's a pic of my '85 E series Squier's headstock...As with Paisley's, you can see this came with higher quality tuning keys, it has the black outlined, gold logo, etc..Now I recently had a '92 Squier..era..was Made in Korea that had some very similar characteristics..low end "covered" tuners, the generic bridge saddles, etc..