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When I try to look at life from their unique perspective, I can see pretty easily how they've ended up where they have.

These guys have had a lot to sift through, as we've moved them out of the country and back again, and they've each found different ways to cope and to thrive.

But I do hope that by regarding our children's individuality and by allowing and engaging with them in the right-of-passage wrestling of souls, we are managing our family in a manner worthy of respect. They are a loving invitation from God to his people, every last one of His people, and He is patiently awaiting their reply...

If they haven't yet finished the task of figuring out who God is in relation to themselves, that's ok. Let's be real though, I have no idea if we're doing the right thing.My younger boys are teenagers living at home, and the oldest is just about to blow this joint, so the jury's still out. These are not commands to be given by a father and obeyed by a child.It started off so magical, almost like a movie—we got along great, understood each other, and never fought. As we continued to date only each other, my parents became concerned and tried to limit our dating. My parents started wanting to know where I was every second. “After all, I am being a good influence on my boyfriend; I am encouraging him toward a mission. If my parents just understood that, then they would allow us to steady date, because we are surely the exception to the rule.” As we entered the fifth month of our relationship, it seemed like true love.Eventually I began to lie about who I was with or where I was. I thought we would continue to date until his mission, and then I would wait for him. However, as we began to talk about our future, our views about his mission didn’t match up, and we decided to take a short break from the relationship. When I found out the rumors were true, I did the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do: I broke off our relationship permanently.) and bestows upon our darling angelic children, who are also giant hairy men, the not so coveted position of Pastor's Kids. This advice was not directed at any one child, but to all three, faithful or doubting, because it is too damn easy for us to settle on false ideas and call them Truth, even -and maybe especially - Biblical Truth. My doubter is remarkably full of grace for his parents who love Jesus, but so often fail to reflect His teaching at home, and we are honored to receive it.

*sad trombone* Thankfully, this was not a huge shock to their system since they'd already been thrown into the fire as later-in-life Missionary Kids. We have one kid who will stand in front of a crowd with a mic and a guitar and sing songs of worship and thanksgiving to the God he loves. We are so incredibly proud of the bright, thoughtful, courageous heathens we're raising.One date turned into two, two became three, and before I knew it, we were a couple.I started liking him more and more, and I wanted to spend all my time with him. After all, we had set our own rules and promised not to cross any lines.How had I allowed myself to tune out the Spirit for so long and become so close to physical temptations?I began to see every lie that Satan had led me to believe.Steady dating brings on emotions, feelings, and pain that our young hearts are not ready to handle.