Dating a forgetful guy

He eventually finds Bro's corpse on LOWAS, but decides he wasn't too upset over his death.

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Near the end of the timeline, he helps Jade collect frogs for breeding, speeding up the process through time travel.

The two are attacked by Jack Noir and Dave is killed in the confront.

He contacts Jade and has her deploy an Intellibeam Laserstation in his house to allow him to duplicate his server disc to effectively become Jade's new server player in lieu of John, unable to continue the role.

He deploys a heavily upgraded alchemiter to replace the equipment broken in Jade's entry to The Medium.

He is seen manipulating the LOHACSE, and at some point a version of him splits off to become Coinflip Dave.

Dave claims to have performed enough time travel to have experienced three days' total playing Sburb, whereas the game itself linearly took just one day by the end.When Dave attempts to reach the nest to break the artifact he is repulsed by the crowsprite, causing the meteor to come dangerously close to his apartment before it is sliced in two by Bro.It turns out that the artifact only needed time in order for it to hatch, sending Dave to the Medium.In a doomed timeline which began shortly afterwards, Dave prototyped the sprite with Lil Cal after entering.However, since this new sprite was a useless guide and annoying as fuck (also because John and Jade were dead) this Dave goes back in time and prototypes the sprite with himself, becoming Davesprite.His shenanigans on the LOHAC stock exchange give him enough boonbucks to donate to a past Terezi who made her interested on the humans in first place.