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You never know," Una teased in an interview with Now Magazine.

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“She’s been telling him that there could be a future for them and despite working on her marriage with Kevin there is hope for Stuart that they might eventually elope together.” During their Thursday get-together in the pub, Karen playfully shaved off the beard and moustache Stuart had grown to mark Movember. Karen didn’t really seem to care who was looking.” The Sun told last month how Kevin and Karen, who have been married two years, were having problems.A show source said: “Kevin has spoken to some of those close to him and admitted things aren’t going well between them at the minute.” Kevin touched on the difficulties they were facing when he said: “Strictly’s a hard few weeks for everyone.He also said that he battled a lot of bullies growing up. I always danced very well, so the great-looking girls would dance around me. I eventually chatted myself out of it with wit and imagination – but I was very lucky.Former The Saturdays star Mollie, 30, looked delighted when she was partnered with professional dancer AJ, 23, in the launch show earlier this year, throwing her arms around him when their pairing was revealed.So I’d like to say first of all thanks to my wife for putting up with me.” In her red carpet OK!

Awards interview Karen said: “We’re just a regular couple, we’ve been together for seven years and like any other relationship you have ups and downs and nothing is ever perfect so you make it work. It adds a little bit of spark to the relationship and it just means that we care about each other.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tonight at 7.20pm on BBC One.

seasons past will engage in competitive dating, which ABC assured they will take to “a chilling new level.” Not coincidentally, the new iteration will premiere in February 2018, around the time NBC typically dominates TV flooding its schedule with Winter Olympics competitions. franchise which relies on warm climates conducive to bikinis and clothing-challenged situations.

At a winter resort, the competitors are likely to have to bundle up.

On the bright side, unlike NBC, ABC will be able to televise competitors’ post-competition hot-tub make-out sessions and canoodling.

is, as its name suggests, a precocious moppet iteration of its longrunning dance competition series.