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Of particular note is the development, after license restrictions were imposed on IPFilter, of the pf packet filter, which first appeared in Open BSD 3.0 Although the operating system and its portable components are used in commercial products, de Raadt says that little of the funding for the project comes from the industry: "traditionally all our funding has come from user donations and users buying our CDs (our other products don't really make us much money).

Obviously, that has not been a lot of money." For a two-year period in the early 2000s, the project received DARPA funding, which "paid the salaries of 5 people to work completely full-time, bought about k in hardware, and paid for 3 hackathons", from the POSSE project.

The widely used GNU General Public License is considered overly restrictive compared to these.

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To ensure that all licenses were properly adhered to, an attempt was made to contact all the relevant copyright holders: some pieces of code were removed, many were replaced, and others, such as the multicast routing tools Also removed during this audit was all software produced by Daniel J. At the time, Bernstein requested that all modified versions of his code be approved by him prior to redistribution, a requirement to which Open BSD developers were unwilling to devote time or effort.

Because of licensing concerns, the Open BSD team has re-implemented software from scratch or adopted suitable existing software.

In 2006, de Raadt expressed concern about the asymmetry of funding: "I think that contributions should have come first from the vendors, secondly from the corporate users, and thirdly from individual users.

But the response has been almost entirely the opposite, with almost a 15 to 1 dollar ratio in favor of the little people. " are among the organizations that helped the Open BSD Project to overcome its financial troubles.

For example, the swap space is divided into small sections and each section is encrypted with its own key, ensuring that sensitive data does not leak into an insecure part of the system.

This approach also helps expose bugs in the kernel and in user space programs.On 14 January 2014, Bob Beck issued a request for funding to cover electrical costs.If sustainable funding was not found, Beck suggested the Open BSD Project would shut down.The standard Open BSD kernel, as maintained by the project, is strongly recommended for end users; this is as opposed to kernels customized by the user.Packages outside the base system are maintained by CVS through a ports tree and are the responsibility of the individual maintainers, known as porters.De Raadt's decision allowed "users to take a more active role", and signaled the project's belief in open and public access to source code.