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Nicole Nishida, a Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman, said Vidal-Jaime was detained at the scene but freed after investigators concluded “she was not involved in the …narcotics investigation.”“She was released from our detention and free to leave,” Nishida said.


Vidal-Jaime “didn’t know anything about anything in the apartment.

She let them [agents] in.”The operation that led to the cocaine bust began about 5 p.m.

Rueda’s wife, Teresa Vidal-Jaime, 54, also was taken into custody at the scene and arrested by Border Patrol agents for an immigration violation, Endicott said.

Although officials said she was not involved in the narcotics investigation, border officials said she too was in the country illegally and now faces possible deportation.

The left-wing activist group Color Of Change also rose to support the NAACP’s march.

In a Wednesday afternoon statement, the group claimed that the player’s unemployment is evidence of the NFL’s “fear of Black peoples’ free speech” and demanded that NFL chief Roger Goodell “send a clear message to team owners: sign Kaepernick.” Along with those above, Kaepernick also picked up the support of baseball icon Hank Aaron.Investigators found the cocaine inside the car, which they said was registered to Rueda.They also discovered cash hidden inside a tire, sheriff’s officials said.“These are high-risk takedowns with lives at risk. “This case involves nearly a million dollars in drugs and cash.”Harris said the cocaine has a street value of 0,000.The families were poor, hard-working and kind, she said. Once, to save money, they celebrated three quinceañeras as one, Anegy said.The men delivered fruit in downtown Los Angeles and worked at a car wash and in construction. ”Tham said the family had rented from him for many years and he believed Hugo Rueda worked at a market involving fruit. The NAACP dubbed their pro-Kaepernick event, the “United We Stand” march.