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New York state, for example, is heading toward complete centralization.

“We’ve consolidated all the contracts and budgets, and we are gradually consolidating everybody into one state-of-the-art data center,” said state CIO Maggie Miller.

New York also is merging its technology infrastructure, like email and voice over IP systems.

Although some departments still employ staff to maintain specialized legacy applications, Technology Services manages most of the city’s IT infrastructure and applications.

Part of the focus now is on standardizing business applications and moving into the cloud.

While dedicating themselves to specific organizations, those ITS employees also can spot opportunities for agencies with similar needs to work together, said Miller.

“Rather than build from scratch, we can make sure that investments in one part of the state are leveraged in another part of the state.” The effort isn’t complete, but consolidation already has delivered significant savings in New York.But when Frank Daidone became Denver’s CIO in 2013, that centralization effort was not complete.“The first version of consolidation was a co-location of like-minded, like-skilled individuals,” Daidone said.Overflow Reduction for Williams Road, Frank Road, Dublin Road and Castle Road Sewerage Pumping Stations.Design, replacement and upgrade of four (4) existing sewerage pumping stations. Prater is an active participant on all major mechanical engineering projects. Green Building Council – USGBC American Council of Engineering Companies ACEC The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers – ASHRAE National Fire Protection Association – NFPA Mechanical Engineer Columbus, Ohio – Renovation of six story 180,000 square foot facility located near downtown.